• Digital Audio advertising refers to buying advertisements across Streaming Services: live radio and music and Podcasts: original narrative content and catch up radio
  • 15.6M Aussies are streaming audio each month. 23% fall between 25 to 34, listening for over 11 hrs a week.
  • Average listening time has increased 20% over the last 2 years with listeners averaging 6 podcasts per week.
  • Spotify has 3x the reach of audio streaming competitors Soundcloud and iHeart Radio
  • When compared to the top ad supported digital platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, Spotify has the 4th largest weekly reach.
  • There has been a steady WoW increase of podcast listening, growing 26% over the lockdown period. The largest growth has been seen from new listeners while more people reach for new avenues to fill time.
  • As of early April, News & Politics had increased 81% from unique listens over the previous 8 weeks.
  • Nova’s collection of Health and Wellness podcasts has seen 72% growth, with the majority of content based on mental wellbeing.

For more info on digital audio – reach out to your ADMATICian.