In celebration of International Women’s Day just around the corner (March 8th, mark the date!). ADMATIC thought we would take a look back at women’s achievements in our beautifully diverse advertising industry!


Historically, advertising has been perceived (and fairly so) to be an anti-feminist industry. In the pursuit to commercialise and market certain products, whether sexy or not, women had frequently been objectified, sexualised and commoditised in the process. Though this rough start to advertising is not something to celebrate, it is equally important to remember and acknowledge.


Women began making headway in advertising in the late 1910s and ‘20s, with particular successes emerging in the J. Walter Thompson agency’s “Women’s Editorial Department”. Here a team of feminist copywriters, pioneered by Helen Lansdowne Resor, began to slowly change the ad industry – one print ad copy publication at a time! With the influence of journalism, the suffrage movement and traditional retail backing them, the female advertisers of the 20s paved new and innovative ways to advertise. 


In more modern history, we have seen women in the advertising industry continue to innovate and dominate. One of the most recent female major wins of our time; the story of Bumble. This dating app was made by females, for females. However, it is the story behind the company’s success that has many in the industry in awe of founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd. Prior to the launch of Bumble, Wolfe Herd worked for competitor platform Tinder, which is infamously designed to be a ‘quick fix’ for dating. Wolfe Herd left the company with a lawsuit on her hands, after she claimed her former employer had sexually harrassed, discriminated and stripped her of her co-founder title. After taking Bumble public in 2021, Wolfe Herd became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire at just 31 years old.


Amongst thousands of other global success stories, ADMATIC is proud to be home to a population of fearless and inspiring female employees, boasting a 50/50 gender balance in both the workplace as well as leadership team. Behind the powerful leadership of Managing Partner, Sarah Melrose, our female ADMATICians are crushing goals and producing killer work for our clients on a daily basis. Shout out to our inspiring female employees Sarah, Danni, Alex, Marie, Monica, Anne, Emma, Diandra & Taryn! ADMATIC is also lucky to have a range of amazing female clients, who we are inspired by on the daily. 


This Women’s History Month, let’s recognise our female counterparts for the passionate dedication shown every day in both our work and personal lives. But why stop at March? Every day of the year can be a time to reflect on women’s history and remind ourselves of the foundation our industry is built upon; and just how far we have come to get to where we are today.


Reach out to our inspiring female ADMATICians & share your favourite female win moment!